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The perks of being Canada’s smallest province - a real sense of community and togetherness

After RVing thousands of miles across Canada, Jon reaches his final destination: Prince Edward Island. Dubbed the Birthplace of Confederation, PEI is a scenic land filled with red-sand beaches, fertile farmland, lighthouses and fresh island cuisine. Oh, and beer! Jon starts his adventure off at PEI Brewing Co. before deep sea fishing with Tranquility Cove Adventures for his dinner - lobster! What better way to end his cross-country adventure than with a party? Jon’s hosts a lobster boil with the help of Chef Adam Loo and Gordie “Crazy Legs” MacKeeman for his campsite neighbours!


Fun Facts

  • lighthouse

    Experienced true island hospitality

  • golf

    Played golf on the Gulf

  • lobster

    Hosted a lobster boil

  • rv

    Northumberland Provincial Park


From Jon’s Journal…

“As I wrap up my cross country tour, I can’t help but feel the pride, passion and sense of doing things the “island” way. One thing’s for sure, East Coasters sure know how to have fun!”

PEI Brewing Co.

PEI Brewing Company is part of the island’s relatively young - and hoppin’ - brewing industry. Brewing beer was a slow-grow thing on the east coast, but because of the expanding brewery community, local farmers have been inspired to grow barley to be a part of it all! The craft beer experience is them against the big guys, which drives PEI Brewing’s passion to continue growing their products and contributing to the community who has helped build them.


Dream Big. Work Hard. Have a Beer.

“After a late arrival on the island and an early visit to PEI Brewing Co., I was lucky enough to be recharged by Island hospitality! It took no time to imbibe myself with the infectious spirit of PEI generosity of spirit. After a tour and conversation with PEI brewer and director of operations, we were loaded up with a belly full of delicious eats and a pipe-full of information on what Islanders love and what charges their spirit - Island fare!”


I hit up a round at PEI’s Finest Golf - The Links at Crowbush Cove

“A round of golf was needed for reconciliation purposes… I played Anne of Green Gables when I was 12 with my Dad, and because of my rotten attitude about not playing well, I ruined the round for both of us! A lesson I’m sure I was meant to relive as I’ll soon be enjoying golf-on-the-road with my young family. What I will take away from both experiences and pass along to my kids will be the measure of my ability to learn a lesson and pass it along.”


The party’s not over till the fiddle player stops playing

“I was really thrilled to have my old friend, Gordie “Crazylegs” MacKeeman help out with my lobster boil! Gordie told me that if you want the party to carry on in PEI, you need to keep the fiddler “oiled”! I knew what he meant and we had no shortage for lubricants from PEI Brewing Co. Big thanks to Chef Adam Loo for letting me be his sous chef for the day!”

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